Exploring Pai, Thailand

Exploring Pai, Thailand

Pai is known for its vibrant hippie culture of yoga, cannabis and vegan cuisine – with cafes featuring internet connectivity offering delicious vegan cuisine. Pai is a picturesque small town and definitely one worth seeing!

Hire a motorbike to explore Pai or sign up for one of the group sunset tours available here. One of the best spots for sunset viewing is at Pai Canyon.

1. The Big Buddha

The Big Buddha of Pai is the focal point of Pai and this 34-meter statue, known in Thai as Phra Phutta Ming Mongkol Eknakakiri, draws religious pilgrims from around Asia. This towering monument stands as a testament to Asian spirituality; its beauty can only be fully appreciated from above and viewing from above is truly rewarding – worth any steep climb up! Located at a mountaintop Buddhist monastery and facing northward towards China as a sort of protector or watchtower.

If you’re feeling peckish, the food court at the base of the Buddha offers delicious treats like fried quails eggs, noodle salad, Thai curry puffs, scooped avocado and rice and sesame seed pancakes – as well as tasty Thai desserts such as pumpkin/coconut mini pancakes with coconut/banana mini pancakes for dessert! Finally, finish off your visit with cream cheese brownies made by hand and enjoy some incredible Asian culture!

Apart from visiting the Big Buddha, visitors can also stroll across a picturesque footbridge known as the Peace Bridge that spans Pai Canyon. Lined with 38 steles engraved with Chinese versions of centuries-old Heart Sutra prayers, it provides a great spot to relax and take in nature’s splendor.

Travelers to Krabi will also appreciate visiting Pam Bok Waterfall and Mor Paeng Waterfall, located a bit further out. These waterfalls require hiking through dense jungle to access, so be sure to wear comfortable footwear as the trail can become muddy or even icy at times.

2. Hiking

Pai is home to numerous hiking trails and caves for exploration, making it the ideal town for anyone interested in outdoor activities and seeking some exercise in nature. Hiking can also help increase proprioception – which refers to an individual’s awareness of their own body in relation to its environment.

If you want to experience Pai’s nature from an entirely new angle, try going on a river rafting tour. This two-day journey through lush forests features bathe-worthy natural pools along the river as well as nearby waterfalls.

Pam Bok Waterfall, Mor Paeng Waterfall and Mae Yen Waterfall are among the most stunning waterfalls in Pai and can all be reached via scooter at approximately 150B per day.

Apart from waterfalls, Pai has many other attractions worth seeing during a hike. Ban Santichon is an old village featuring a small Chinatown built adjacently. Doi Kiew Lom Viewpoint provides stunning mountain vistas; visit at sunrise or sunset to take advantage of vendors selling hot beverages and food; making this spot a good stop after climbing up steep roads.

3. Waterfalls

Waterfalls are truly breathtaking natural wonders of this world. Additionally, they’re beneficial to both humans and nature alike, providing clean water suitable for drinking and cooking purposes as well as helping maintain ecological equilibrium by providing water sources to trees, plants, animals, and people alike.

Scientists categorize waterfalls based on how they look and how fast the water flows. There are three primary categories of waterfalls: ledge, fan and cascade. A ledge waterfall is typically associated with waterfalls – it often touches bedrock as it falls. Fan waterfalls have horizontally spreading waters as it falls; cascade waterfalls feature steps at their base that its water cascades over.

Pai is home to many spectacular waterfalls, but one of the most renowned is Mae Yen Waterfall, situated 7 km outside of town and requiring some hiking in order to access. When raining arrives it can become dangerously slippery so sturdy shoes should be worn for this expedition.

Pam Bok Waterfall is another stunning waterfall. While access is more challenging, its breathtaking views make the effort worth your while – climb onto its cliffs for great photos or climb them to take pictures with friends or family!

4. Cafes

Pai is quickly becoming one of the premier tourist stops in Northern Thailand, as its relaxed pace, authentic cafes, and stunning natural beauty draw in travellers of all sorts – hippies, artists, backpackers – for its laidback atmosphere that provides the ideal setting to recharge batteries and unwind.

Coffee in Love, located near Pai in Love in Thailand and Lost in Thailand in China, provides delicious coffee drinks with stunning scenery views. Coffee in Love’s cafe has gained in popularity after it served as the filming location of both films – prompting many tourists to reenact scenes from these movies!

Visit the Erotic Garden to witness some of Thailand’s most impressive art and sculpture. Katai Kamminga created this artistic masterpiece and showcased his artistic talents in every inch.

Pai is also an ideal place to experience the legendary creamy and spicy chicken noodle soup known as Khao Soi, available for around 80 THB at one of Pai’s many restaurants. Feel free to add in extra flavors such as onions or chili for added dimension, while there are numerous relaxing cafes offering free wifi in town as well.

5. Yoga

Yoga is an ancient system of physical, mental and spiritual practices designed to promote wellbeing and increase understanding. While most associate it with postures like sitting up straight, breathing techniques and meditation, its practice extends much further.

The ancient text known as the Yoga Sutras presents a comprehensive worldview centered around holistic health and well-being, the integration of body, mind and spirit, and our relationship with universal consciousness. “Yoga” literally translates as to unite or yoke; thus it seeks to connect all six levels of human experience together through resonance.

Swami Kripalu developed his approach to life around what he called Sanatana Dharma, or Perennial Wisdom. This philosophical foundation acknowledges all world wisdom traditions while acknowledging universal truth accessible by all regardless of age, sex, race or religion. Kripalu promoted yoga philosophy based on this concept that there are multiple paths leading towards truth – each person can discover this truth using various disciplines, techniques and practices.

Studies have demonstrated the many benefits of yoga practice, such as increased flexibility, strengthened muscles and better balance and stress management. Yoga also reduces heart rate and blood pressure as well as boost immune systems – but perhaps its most crucial benefit lies in helping people develop more loving relationships with themselves, leading to overall improved wellbeing.

6. Nightlife

Pai is a popular stop when traveling through northern Thailand, and offers great value to budget travelers. The town offers a laidback vibe, authentic cafes, and breathtaking natural beauty, which attracts hippies, artists, and backpackers alike.

Many of Pai’s attractions can be found near its river, including the charming Coffee in Love cafe – popular among tourists due to being used as film sets for both Thai film Pai in Love and Chinese film Lost in Thailand. From there you can take in breathtaking views of surrounding countryside while relaxing on one of their gazebos or hammocks while sipping delicious locally grown coffee!

The Bamboo Bridge spans across 11 kilometers of Pai River and should not be missed as an attraction. Not only can visitors admire views of mist-covered hills and countryside, but tubing is available during dry seasons or at the beginning of wet season; otherwise the current can become dangerous during heavy rainfall.

At nightfall, Pai’s main street transforms into a lively marketplace filled with food stalls and souvenir shops, drawing both locals and visitors. Be sure to try Khao Soi (creamy and spicy chicken noodle soup). One bowl will set you back about 80 THB from any of the restaurants in town.