Navigating Through Chiang Mai Bus Terminal 1 Chang Phueak

Navigating Through Chiang Mai Bus Terminal 1 Chang Phueak

Navigating Chiang Mai Bus Terminal 1 Chang Phueak can be intimidating at first, but once you learn its layout you should have no problems navigating through.

This bus station primarily provides public transportation routes serving local areas like Old City Moat and neighboring districts, as well as long distance express buses. Minivan and Songthaew services are also provided at this station.

Ticket Counters

Chang Phueak Bus Terminal 1 provides ticket counters primarily to support local transportation routes in and around Chiang Mai, including surrounding districts. Additionally, several minimarts sell refreshments and snacks while travellers wait for their minivan or songthaew ride.

The station itself is very comfortable, featuring public telephones on the walls and a small no-smoking waiting area. There are also several shops selling food and drinks as well as an on-site 7-11 convenience store.

Fang can be reached from Bangkok in three to four hours by orange public bus from early morning until late afternoon, departing every 30 minutes from the bus terminal at 80 baht each way and fan-cooled rather than air-conditioned buses. Tickets should cost 80 baht each way on this journey which typically lasts three or four hours.

One option for exploring the city centre is taking an RTC smart bus, which operates nine routes around it at budget-friendly prices and offers online or in-person ticket purchasing options. Tickets may also be obtained at information booths near its entrances.

Chiang Mai’s popularity as a tourist destination means the staff working at its bus station often speak excellent English and are happy to provide assistance when needed; from directions and advice on where to visit to helping save money or avoid traffic, taking the bus should always be considered an option worth considering.

For visitors headed to Sticky Waterfall from Chang Phueak Bus Terminal, no direct bus service exists; however, you can catch any white songthaew driving in that direction and show them a map showing its location so they’ll know exactly where they need to drop you off.

Songthaews generally charge a flat fare of 15 baht per person, but you may ask them to use their meter. While most drivers accept credit cards as payment, cash should always be brought just in case. If travelling with multiple large groups, sharing taxis may be less costly – these taxis can be found outside the bus station and cost between 200 and 300 baht each way; before starting their journey the driver will ask what your preferred payment method is before beginning your journey.

Waiting Area

Chang Phueak Bus Terminal’s waiting area is small yet cozy with several shops selling beverages and snacks, minivan and songthaew stations located around it, where travellers can board vehicles to their desired destination within Bangkok or nearby provinces; all share taxis charge a flat fare per person with different color songthaews signalling different destinations.

Chang Phueak’s facilities may seem outdated and run-down, yet still serve a functional purpose. There are a few restrooms kept clean with toilet paper available at an extra charge; those wanting an upgraded experience should head towards Chiang Mai Arcade Bus Station which offers various comfort levels across various routes for optimal travel experiences.

Lampang Airport, about 100 kilometers south of Chiang Mai and operated by both Nok Air and Bangkok Airways, provides local flights between Lampang and Chiang Mai as well as inter-provincial services provided at Chiang Mai Bus Terminals 2 and 3. This smaller domestic airport also serves local flights within Lampang as well as interprovincial services offered through Chiang Mai Bus Terminals 2 and 3.

For travelers traveling in large groups, booking private transportation through Klook or other reliable online travel agencies could be the better solution. Doing so will allow for a much simpler and cost-efficient journey from Chiang Mai Bus Terminal 1 to their final destinations – while saving both time and money along the way.

For those familiar with Chiang Mai’s bus system and who simply wish to compare prices and options for various journeys, our search engine below makes this easy. Simply enter the dates, number of passengers and other key specifications such as number of available trips – our system will display them all together!


Chiang Mai is an ideal getaway from Bangkok’s hectic pace, boasting breathtaking scenery with lush jungle landscapes and majestic waterfalls. Additionally, its cultural past is represented by Wat Phra That Doi Suthep temple which captures Thailand’s past beautifully.

Traveling within Chiang Mai is made simple and hassle-free thanks to its many bus services. Chiang Mai Bus Terminal 1 Chang Phueak serves local routes within the province; long distance buses such as those to Chiang Rai or Pai are also readily available.

Chiang Mai Bus Terminal 1’s ticket counters and waiting area can be found towards its center, while minivans and songthaews can be seen parked throughout. Different coloured songthaews indicate their routes and destinations; if unsure which to board, contact one of its staff or locals for assistance.

At the ticket counters there is a restroom with a small fee required to use it, while inside there is also a minimart which offers cold beverages and basic foods – ideal since minivans/songthaews do not typically provide food/water on their trips.

Whenever traveling by bus to Chiang Mai, make sure that you book tickets well in advance to avoid disappointment and delays. Our website makes this easy – simply compare bus companies, prices and travel times in order to find the most economical solution for your journey to Chiang Mai.

Chiang Mai Bus Terminal 1 is just steps from Nimman Road and an ideal terminal choice if you’re wondering which terminal to visit. Its prime location makes it perfect for exploring all that Nimman Road offers: restaurants, bars and shops! Plus it makes getting tours or activities booked easier; most tour operators offices are conveniently located here!


Chang Phueak Bus Terminal restrooms can be quite outdated with old-style squat toilets that might make some passengers queasy, although they are convenient given their proximity to ticket counters and minimarts supplying drinks and snacks. If you need more modern restroom facilities for any reason, however, head back towards city centre where there are numerous restaurants as well as larger stores with more advanced offerings.

Chiang Mai is an increasingly popular digital nomad destination due to its low costs of living, high quality of life, and budget-friendly activities. Not to mention that it is also home to mountains, lush jungles and picturesque rice paddies! You will also be delighted to find coworking spaces dotted throughout this charming city – as well as various accommodation types including internationally-recognized resorts, hotels, homestays and guesthouses that provide coworking facilities.

Motorcycle rentals are an economical and practical solution to exploring Chiang Mai without breaking the bank. Travellers looking for an authentic experience should rent one in order to discover all its attractions.

Chiang Mai offers the ideal respite from Bangkok’s hectic city life, boasting breathtaking mountainous terrain, elephant sanctuaries, waterfalls and iconic temples to explore. Nature enthusiasts will revel in exploring this mountainous northern Thai city; history enthusiasts will delight in learning more about its historic landmarks.

An excursion from Chiang Mai to Mae Hong Son can be an unforgettable journey through beautiful scenery, ancient villages and epic road routes – it should not be missed when visiting Thailand! This trip should not be missed!