Sunday Night Market – The Ultimate Shopping Experience in Chiang Mai

Sunday Night Market – The Ultimate Shopping Experience in Chiang Mai

Chiang Mai’s vibrant Sunday Night Market showcases local produce, prepared foods, crafts and souvenirs made in Chiang Mai and its surrounding areas.

From coconut bowls to wood-carved elephants and personalized necklaces to soap flowers – you’re bound to find everything here! But be prepared for an overwhelming experience by wearing comfortable footwear.


If you are visiting Thailand and seeking unique souvenirs to bring back home with you, this marketplace provides plenty of beautiful options. Necklaces to macrame bracelets, earrings to woven bags – you’re sure to find exactly what you’re searching for here. Additionally, traditional handmade items that celebrate local culture and creativity may also be found.

There is also an extensive range of clothing and accessory stalls at the market offering clothes in different styles and sizes to meet everyone’s needs, ranging from formal dresses to casual tees – there’s something here for every budget and taste! Additionally, some specialty stores specialize in products like handmade soaps or beauty treatments; you could also pick up something to complete your outfit, like sunglasses or an eye-catching scarf to add some color.

Other than souvenirs and handicrafts, there are also plenty of food stalls selling a range of foods and drinks. Experience authentic Khao Soi from Northern Thailand made with noodles served in creamy curry broth and your choice of protein along with egg noodles or grilled satay; or treat yourself to delicious mango sticky rice as dessert! You may even stumble across food trucks throughout the market providing casual snacks and meals!

One of the great things about this market is that it doesn’t get as crowded as other Asian night markets, if that is something that worries you, consider visiting on any other day than Sunday to avoid feeling completely overwhelmed by crowds and still enjoy all its charm and excitement without becoming completely submerged by them. Also make sure you arrive before it becomes dark so you can explore all its stalls when still light out!


The market bustles with vibrant energy, inviting shoppers of all ages and backgrounds to explore its stalls. Vendors sell everything from clothing and accessories to homemade crafts and souvenirs; vendors sell anything from clothes and accessories to homemade crafts and souvenirs; plus there is plenty of culinary offerings ranging from sizzling stir fries to aromatic curries! Best of all? Everything is cooked right before your eyes so that you can watch how the ingredients move around the wok to produce an irresistibly aromatic combination.

With so much variety available at the Sunday Night Market, selecting food to eat may seem like an impossible feat. With some advance preparation however, you can maximize your visit to this popular attraction and maximize its benefits.

For those in search of some delicious noodles, the classic northern Thai dish of Khao Soi may just do the trick – this hearty meal features noodles in creamy curry broth with your protein of choice and som Tum (green papaya salad with peanut sauce) is another top pick. Additionally, som Tum offers crunchier yet refreshing green papaya salad options like som Tum and som Tum. And for something sweeter… there are sweet tofu skewers or mango sticky rice to satisfy those sweet tooths cravings!

Chiang Mai’s most renowned night market, the Sunday Night Market, can be found in its city center and opens every Sunday evening from 4pm. Spanning along Ratchadamnoen Road and its side streets between Tha Phae Gate and Wat Sum Pow, it provides visitors an ideal place to experience both its culture and atmosphere in an immersive fashion.


Every weekend, Chiang Mai’s Old Town comes alive with vendors and shoppers as one of its premier night markets takes place. A vibrant affair, these night markets showcase Chiang Mai’s rich culture through handicrafts, clothing, food, and entertainment offerings.

As you stroll the various stalls, take in all the sights and sounds around you – whether that is customer bargaining with vendors, Thai music being played rhythmically, or talented performers showing their skills on stage whether that is dancing, guitar-playing, singing or simply entertaining; this experience is like no other! Indulge yourself and experience all that your surroundings have to offer you – adding another level of excitement and adventure into your shopping adventure!

The Sunday Night Market runs from 4pm until late at night, beginning at the Tha Pae Gate in Old Town and moving west along Rachadamanoen road for approximately 3/4 mile (1km). While not as large as other night markets, this one still provides plenty of goodies!

If you know what item(s) you need, it is wise to arrive early before it becomes overcrowded. If unsure, just ask; most vendors are happy to assist and most vendors have prices clearly posted for easy comparison. Although haggling might still be possible in certain cases, most have their prices clearly displayed so there may not even be the need.

Not only can you find souvenirs and clothing here, but you’ll also be amazed by the range of handcrafted items made by local artisans that you can take back with you – lacquerware, wooden carvings, woven bags and scarves are just a few examples that demonstrate their craftmanship!

Another excellent option is visiting the Wat Sum Pow temple food area located nearby the market, for some delicious street food at affordable prices. From sweet to savory options, there is sure to be something that satisfies all your cravings!


Market vendors sell everything from clothing and accessories, souvenirs and home decor, food and entertainment – plus the street is lined with restaurants and cafes offering Thai food, music and culture!

Some stalls cater more directly to locals than others; the Kad Na Mor Market near Chiang Mai University offers clothing and electronics at significantly discounted prices, making this an excellent place for students and younger people to get what they need for less than the retail cost. Get yourself some new sunglasses or jeans without breaking the bank!

Wualai Walking Street, known for its creative handmade goods like silk scarves and colorful umbrellas as well as handicraft work, is another local favorite that attracts many tourists. Here you’ll find unique gifts you won’t find elsewhere.

Foodies will find something at the Sunday Night Market! Street vendors sell snacks of every variety; and there are even makeshift food halls where visitors can find an array of foods all in one convenient spot with seating.

Staying hydrated on the street can be made easy thanks to the many water and juice stands lining its streets, where vendors sell freshly squeezed orange and mango juice as well as iced tea and coffee. For those wanting something a bit heartier there are also several sit-down restaurant options where full meals can be ordered.

Be on the lookout as you stroll the Sunday Night Market for performances and music! There will be bands of all types performing everything from traditional hill tribe music to rock and blues; blind or disabled musicians often use this form of revenue generation as well.

The Sunday Night Market can be an engaging shopping experience, yet can be intimidating for first-time visitors. To make sure that you find what you are searching for more quickly and avoid getting lost, bring along a map and familiarize yourself with its layout prior to arriving at the market. Having this knowledge will allow you to avoid getting lost.